Itchycoo 30ml Organic Magic Dog Oil

Itchycoo 30ml Organic Magic Dog Oil

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Our ultra-nourishing Itchycoo Organic Magic Dog Oil softens, soothes and calms flaky, dry itchy skin and hot spots, making it perfect for skin conditions and helping with inflammation from allergies, which can be caused by pollen, grass seed and fleas. Taken from mother nature’s garden and specially formulated for dogs, Itchycoo Organic Magic Oil is a natural remedy which also helps with cuts, scrapes, burns, bites and bug bites etc. Our oil promotes natural healing. Made with organic curcubita pepo, nigella sativa and pure virgin coconut oil, which are renowned for their anti- inflammatory and antiseptic properties, and their ability to support skin repair without irritation. Lick safe formula & Suitable For All Breeds. 

Can be used directly on the skin or added as a food supplement.

Always do a patch test before use.

Apply to the skin - add a small amount to your fingertips and add to area.

Use as food supplement - simply add to food everyday.  Please look below for amount.

Half teaspoon - 0-10kg

1 teaspoon - 11 - 30kg 

1.5 teaspoons - 31 - 60kg

If your dog is on any medication, has underlying medical conditions or on a special diet please consult your vet if adding to food.

Use when purchased. Our products are made fresh each week. The color may vary slightly due to the use of purely natural & organic ingredients.

Comes in 2 sizes with easy to use dispenser. 

Made with ❤️and care from our Yorkshire Kitchen