For your dog

 Our ultra-nourishing Organic Itchycoo Magic Dog Oil & Balm softens, soothes and calms flaky, dry itchy skin on your dog, making it perfect for skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, hot spots and inflammation from allergies, which could be caused by pollen, grass seed and fleas. Our Oil & Balm helps with cuts, scrapes, burns and bug bites etc., promoting natural healing.

We also have our ultra nourishing Itchycoo Organic Magic Paw Balm which softens and soothes flaky, dry, itchy skin sore cracked paws and itchy toes, helping to stop your dog nibbling their paws and toes which can then become very painful. Making it perfect for many unpleasant and painful conditions caused by allergies and skin conditions. Can also help with cuts, burns and bites. 

All of our products are oozing with vitamins and packed full of nutrients which help promote healing. Free from all toxins, parabens, free radicals and SLS etc.

 Made with organic curcubita pepo, nigella sativa and pure virgin coconut oil which are renowned for their anti- inflammatory properties, antiseptic qualities,and ability to support skin repair without irritation. 

Made with ❤️ and care from our Yorkshire kitchen 

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