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 ❤️ ❤️ Leather Care Balm ❤️❤️

Amazing shoe, boot and all-round Leather Care Balm. After muddy walks or general everyday wear, just wipe item with a wet cloth, dry and then dab on the Leather Care Balm. Leave for 10 minutes or as long as you like and rub off.

Protects, waterproofs, restores & rejuvenates with no fuss or toxins.

In a rush with muddy dirty boots, shoes or wanting to preserve saddlery & tack, car dashboards, bags and dry wood? Just dab on and rub off. Toxin and paraben free. All natural ECO ingredients.

Made with jojoba and Fair Trade® beeswax.

Made with ❤️and care from our Yorkshire Kitchen


3 Step 10 minute Boot Clean & Polish

 1 Wipe excess mud off with damp cloth.

2 Add Itchycoo’s Leather Care Balm onto a sponge and dab on.

3 Polish off with soft cloth and look at the results. Toxin Free.


3 Step - 10 Minute Car Seat Clean & Polish with Itchycoo’s Care Balm.
Toxin Free.



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